Calgary Stampede
Jul 14 2017 - 10:00am


The fastest mouths in the west will be at it again this year during the 29th annual International Livestock Auctioneer Competition in the Agrium Western Event Centre, vying to fill the big boots of 2016 Champion, Alberta based Corey Lawrence. And this year there is more prize money at stake than ever before - $10,000 goes to the winner!

Contestants will start the bidding at Calgary Stockyards Auction in Strathmore, with the top 10 advancing to the final round at Stampede Park on Saturday, July 15, 2017. That’s when we invite the public to get in on the action! Finalists will be required to sell brand consignment cattle and one Black Box item. You are welcomed get involved in the fun and excitement by bidding on any black box items that catch your eye.

Competitors will be judged on rhythm, clarity, voice control, and livestock knowledge, as well as their ability to spot bids and conduct a sale.

Event Dates: July 14–15, 2017
Entry Closing Date: June 12, 2017
Location: Calgary Stockyards Strathmore & Agrium Western Event Centre

Call 403-234-7429 or 403-934-3344 to book your cattle in.

Field Representatives:
Bryan Danard (403) 934-1644
Don Danard (403) 234-7429
Jason Danard (403) 519-8916
Lester Gurnett (403) 681-3151
Will Irvine (403) 560-4343
Cliff Pahl (403) 854-1900
Ben Payne (403) 633-4175
Cody Resch (306) 628-7717
Jeff Van Wert (403) 793-9988
Darcy Welsch (403) 901-4846
Bill Wilson (403) 560-5265